This new one-of-a-kind virtual program is educational and fun!

By registering, you enroll in three specialized college courses, earn academic credit, and prepare yourself for a university-ready future. You will get to experience Webster University’s top-notch American style of education taught by experienced local and global faculty.

If you graduated high school not too long ago and cannot wait to start university, with our program you get an early start! Through online classes and activities designed to prepare students for their future college success, you will gain a taste of Webster Ghana’s on-campus learning. You also have the unique option of joining the 24Hrs@Webster experience and spending the night on campus in our beautiful dorms while creating memories with new friends.

Webster is an American university that offers Bachelor’s degrees in Media Studies, Management, International Relations, Computer Science, Finance and Psychology and Master’s degrees in Business Administration, International Relations and Human Resource Management in Accra, Ghana. At Webster, we celebrate our international diversity – a real mix of cultures, customs, languages, religions, tastes, and interests. Webster Ghana students have the unique opportunity to study abroad at our international campuses around the world.

Please Note: If you do not intend to continue your education at Webster University, you will need to confirm with your college or university of choice whether or not they will be able to accept transfer credits from Webster University.

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Start Date: Monday, June 7, 2021
End Date: Friday, July 2, 2021
Program Length: 4 weeks
Credit: 6 Credits

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