CES Program Courses

We are offering 3 intensive "foundation" courses that will give motivated high school students a taste of college academics and offer continuing university students college credits, if needed. For College Early Start high school students, these are real university credits that will reflect on your transcripts when you officially begin your collegiate journey.

Earning these credits upon completion of this 4-week program is guaranteed for Webster University students. If you will be going to another university for college or are a university student already somewhere else, please check with the institution to ensure that these academic credits will be accepted and are transferrable.

Below are details on the summer program classes you will take:

WRIT 1000: Basic Writing (2 credit hours)

Thursday (10:00 am to 1:00 pm)

This course provides extra support and practice with basic college-level writing skills: assignment comprehension, critical reading, invention, thesis development, organization, style, usage and mechanics.

EDEX 1500: Webster 101 (1 credit hour)

Wednesdays (10:00 am to 12:00 pm)

This course will help the first-year student make the most of his/her future college career. Using various assessments and exercises, each student will develop a deeper understanding of him/herself and use that understanding to learn adaptation strategies such as goal setting, values clarification, time management, money management, and stress management skills that will work for each student both inside and outside of the classroom.

ANSO 2300: Social Movements (3 credit hours)

Thursdays (10:00 am to 2:00 pm)

This course provides an analysis of social movements and related themes. Topics include, but are not limited to theories of movement formation, diversity and equity in movements, and examples of movements (e.g., women's rights, civil rights) both here and in global context.

All classes have breaks.
Outside of these 3 courses, you also have access to the fun 'Beyond the Classroom' program activities.

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